Apr 2 - Saranac River

Saranac River
Sun, 04/02/2017

Well here's to spring, kind of! As usual here in the northern Adirondacks "spring" feels a bit more like winter, although there's been plenty of softening up of late. Temps are getting into the 40s, the sap is flowing, so we're about where we would expect!

We had a pretty decent winter snowfall wise, although some thawing in January and February took care of some of it. That being said recent storms and general precipitation should set up the rivers well for this season. 

It's worth noting the ice cover was pretty thin this season, owing largely to above average temps in January and February. The ice fishermen can attest to this I'm sure! I would expect then that an earlier than normal ice out for many of our ponds will occur. I always listen to the ice out chatter on ADK Forum as the brookie folks love to share data as the season breaks open!

Well, enjoy the fishing in your neck of the woods, and keep a look out for some fish-worthy reports from this site!

Air Temperature: 
46 (°F)