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Jun 4 - Salmon River, Malone NY

We hit the water early on Sunday, hoping to beat the crowds as well as the sun. The early morning fishing was excellent with numerous larger fish landed below Cargin Rd bridge. Nymphing produced best as surface action was limited. Temps were around 50 both air and water. We bowed out around 7 to grab a bite then moved upriver to Whippleville. The pool above the bridge once again produced plenty of surface action. We worked downstream afterwards through the pocket water, nabbing plenty of smaller browns. The sun was hitting the water steadily at this point which put some of the bigger fish down I assume.

I wrapped up my day fishing the pool below Ballard Mill. I had lots of fun floating a dry and dropper, the takes were frequent and visible. I had a hendrickson dry on with a hare's ear nymph below. There were a few bugs on the water but that pool is so big it was pretty much a blind casting effort. However based on the number of takes I would say there are more than enough fish in that pool. I fished my setup, then Duke fished behind me with his sub surface rig. Of course he continued to pick up larger fish while I landed about a dozen 10" browns. Not complaining at all, we had a blast, and it was a great way to cap off another spectacular weekend of fishing the Salmon. I've been fishing this tournament for about 10 years now, and every year I end up on a stretch I've never fished before. A big thanks again to all of the sponsors and individuals who make the Hendrickson Hatch a huge success every year. See you next year!