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Jun 3 - Salmon River, Malone NY

Day 1 of the 2017 Hendrickson Hatch set up nicely. Water temps were low 50s, air not much more. Water was slightly above normal levels given the abundance of rain this spring, but the river fished really well. We got into mostly browns at our first two stops, south of Malone in Whippleville. A few larger fish were taken, both on dry flys. There was an assortment of may flies and caddis flies on the water, most notably a few green drakes! Watching trout take these flies is pretty entertaining to say the least. I watched one fly in particular get nudged twice before finally disappearing. The dry I took my 13" fish on was one of Vince Wilcox's creations, kind of a cross between a spider and an elk hair caddis, with a parachute wing. It worked. I fished a smaller dropper off this fly for much of the afternoon, with takes alternating on both flies. I'd stopped in on Vince the night before to stock up on some of his recommendations, and luckily he'd been on the Salmon recently so I can say I came fully loaded!

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We then turned our attention to the recently sanctioned catch and release section of the river, north of Malone and downstream from the Cargin Road bridge. We thought we'd scout it out in daylight as the plan was to arrive early the next morning, and neither of us had fished this particular stretch before. However when we got there, to our surprise, it was open with only 3 fisherman at the bridge. We asked if they were headed downstream, and when they said no we proceeded to the top of the section. The water did not disappoint. We fished a few hundred yards, and landed plenty of fish, mostly rainbows with a few larger fish to net. Most of my fish took the emerger trailing fly I fished, while Duke's fish came on the good old trusty big ugly stone.