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5/11/2018 - Stocking the 2-year old browns:

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St Regis River 2 Year Old Brown Trout Stocking May 7 2013

Update 5/3/2013: - Volunteers should plan to meet at 12PM in St. Regis Falls on Tuesday May 7th, 2013.

Additional follow up from the St. Regis Falls Fish & Game Club indicate that the stocking truck will be at the St. Regis Falls volunteer fire station at 12 noon on Tuesday. Apparently the truck will work its way down river this year. 

The DEC's stocking of 2 year old browns on the St. Regis River will take place on Tuesday May 7th.

Initially we were informed that the truck will be at the bridge in Nicholville at 11AM. However a follow up conversation indicated the truck would be arriving at 2PM. Attempts to follow up and obtain a firm confirmation have not been successful, so at this point we need to plan on a 11 AM meeting. If you are planning on attending, please be aware that we might have a longer wait than expected on our hands. Luckily we will be straem side, so bring your gear!

The truck parks on the north side of the river, at the end of Bridge Street. Stocking should proceed upriver to Days Mills (Mill St.) bridge, then onto St. Regis Falls. Based on DEC notifications we will be putting in around 1700 fish.

If you can attend this stocking and would like to participate, please meet the volunteers around 10:45 - 11:00 AM at the bridge in Nicholville. Buckets are provided by the state. Bring your waders if you'd like, but it's not necessary to bring the fish out into the river. I haven't seen the St. Regis lately so not sure how high the water is. 

Last year's efforts really paid off. If you were there you know how well it went, if you weren't the write up we posted is online here:

There were no less than 20 people at most locations and we bucketed almost the entire truck. It was ideal to say the least. The big question now is who's catching holdovers from that successful afternoon?!

Our St. Lawrence County Coordinator Jan Wojcik will be the point man for this year's effort. If you have any questions about participating or need more information please feel free to email us at either of the following accounts:

[email protected]
[email protected]



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