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St. Regis Success & A Big Thanks!

Last week's stocking of the St. Regis River was an amazing success! We had a great turnout, 9 TTSC representatives as well as numerous volunteers from the Parishville and St. Regis Falls sportsmen clubs. We were able to bucket fish up and down the banks at each location, and due to the large number of participants we moved through each location quickly. All in all this was the most productive stocking that I've been a part of, and it goes to show what a big difference it makes when you show up with a good sized group. Compared to last year's stocking on this same route, this was night vs. day.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time, including members from Chatauguay, Potsdam and Canton. We were able to include a few members of the SLU Outdoor club as well, so a big thanks to those guys for coming out. We'd also like to thank the group from FishCap, who shot some footage for a special they are producing, as well as conributing a number of extra feet on the ground throughout the afternoon. Like I said, we had an amazing turnout!

Finally I'd like to thank the DEC staff for their excellent operation - things went smoothly from start to finish and they were a pleasure to work with. It was an example of a true partnership we hope will continue in the years to come.

Thanks again everyone! Now go hit the St. Regis sometime and hook into some big fish!