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5/11/2018 - Stocking the 2-year old browns:

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St. Regis River Stocking May 1 2012

The DEC's stocking of the 2 year old browns on the St. Regis River will take place on Tuesday May 1st. The truck will be at the bridge in Nicholville at noon. The truck parks on the north side of the river, at the end of Bridge Street. Stocking will continue upriver to the village of St. Regis Falls. In the past we have usually finished around 4. The Mill St. (Days Mills) bridge should be the second stocking location, then onto St.Regis Falls. Based on DEC notifications we will be putting in around 1700 fish.

One positive sign this year is a more "official" process from the state. They have asked that we designate a "stocking volunteer coordinator," as well as to have all volunteers sign a limited use, one day form indicating that you have assisted with the stocking. The form requires your name, address, phone number and an emergency contact. We will have copies of the forms available for anyone who is able to attend on Tuesday. The forms need to be provided to the driver prior to stocking.

If you can attend this stocking and would like to participate, please meet us around 11 - 11:30 AM at the bridge Nicholville. If you have 5-gallon buckets bring them. Waders come in handy but are not necessary, simply getting the fish up the bank a ways is sufficient. Our goal of course is to have as many bucket-in-hand volunteers as possible, both to expedite the process as well as to show the state that we are committed to supporting the stocking program and in spreading the fish out away from the bridge holes. Now that our efforts will be officially documented, this is an opportunity for us to be on record as an active, engaged organization. 

Thanks for your time, if you have any questions please feel free to call me at 518-354-8111, or email me at [email protected].
Looking forward to seeing the turnout on Tuesday!

Ben Hamelin