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Hendrickson Hatch 2018 coming up June 2-3 -
5/11/2018 - Stocking the 2-year old browns:

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Spread the Fish

Fishing Conditions as of May 11 2018

Rivers are still a bit high but some area water is definitely fishable. Big browns went in the St. Regis a few hours ago, should set up nice for fishing next week.

Brookie fishing is on too!
Ice out chatter:

2018 DEC Stocking Lists

About the Tri-Town Sporting Club

In the Spring of 2010, 51 charter members founded The Tri-Town Sporting Club, with the goal of a membership of 100 by the 2011 stocking season. Most members live in New York State DEC Regions 5 and 6, some as far south as Binghamton, and north as Montreal. All are dedicated to extending the trout fishing season beyond the first week of a stocking in various bridge holes. Specifically we will:

Lobby for spreading out fish being stocked beyond the bridge hole. Show up to help move fish up and down from the bridge hole. Look after the interests of anglers with the strength of their numbers. Almost all the trout you’ll catch are stocked by the New York State DEC. The better they’re stocked, the better and longer the fishing for them will be. Often the Fish Culturists driving the stocking trucks tube fish directly off the bridge into the river at each site on their stocking list, whether from lack of help or time. They are often aided in this by volunteers who show up intent upon having the fish concentrated in small areas where they’ll be easy to catch. The fish are soon caught and there goes the season. The Fishery Directors of both Region 6 and 5, covering the North Country, desire to have stocked fish spread out. Often the Hatchery Managers and the Fish Culturists speak of the pressure on them to get the job done as quickly as possible. Assurance fish will be spread out increases in proportion to the number of volunteers who show up willing to bucket fish up and down the river.

The Tri-Town Sporting Club belongs to the Federation of Sporting Clubs in Saint Lawrence County, and seeks recognition by the Federation in Franklin County and to qualify for receiving official notifications of stocking times and places from the counties' Fisheries Advisory Boards. The biannual meeting occurs during the Hendrickson Hatch Fly Fishing Tournament in Malone, every other June. Join us at this web site, at the tournament, at stocking sites, and fishing on the great rivers of Northern New York.

Coordinators Region 5: Ben Hamelin (Essex County) and John Miletich (Franklin County); Region 6, Jan Wojcik, (Saint Lawrence County).